Why Write Urdu

اردو ہے جسکا نام ہمیں جانتے ہیں داغ - سارے جہاں میں دھوم ہماری زبان کی ہے

Write Urdu has been launched keeping a vision in mind

  • To facilitate and encourage Urdu speaking community from all over the world especially from South Asia (Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Afghanistan) to use Written Urdu in online communication.
  • Digitize Urdu language and bring Written Urdu on par with other major world languages English, Arabic, Chinese and Spanish etc.
  • To simplify writing of Urdu on social media (Facebook, twitter and other). Simply use Write-Urdu.com and paste written Urdu on social media.
  • Provide alternative to complicated InPage Urdu software.

We highly appreciate you to share this site with your friends, family and colleague to help us to increase Urdu usage online.

New feature Write Urdu is planning to bring in near future.

  • Tweet and post to Facebook directly from this site in Urdu without leaving the site.
  • Compose email in Urdu using this online Urdu Writing tool.
  • We are arranging online Urdu tutor to assist people that eager to learn Urdu or expats’s kids from Sub continent staying in west.

If you have any suggestion or like to contribute, visit our Feedback page.